Markdown Quick Reference

There are some fun things you can do with Markdown formatting.

Feature Markdown Example
italic _italic_ italic
bold **bold** bold
strikethrough ~~strikethrough~~ ~~strikethrough~~
superscript ^superscript^ ^superscript^
subscript ~subscript~ ~subscript~
links [Description](https://example.com/) Description
bare links <https://www.example.com> https://www.example.com
code `Y29kZQ==` Y29kZQ==
escape \*escape\* *escape*
There are also:

Unordered lists:

* Foo
* Bar
* Baz
* Quz
* Foo 
* Bar 
  \* Baz 
    \* Quz

Ordered lists:
  • Foo
  • Bar
    • Baz
      • Quz
1. Foo 
1. Bar 
   1. Baz 
      1. Quz


Header 1

Header 2

Header 3

Header 4

Header 5
Header 6
# Header 1 
## Header 2 
### Header 3 
#### Header 4 
##### Header 5 
###### Header 6

Headers also:

Header 1

Header 2

Header 1 

Header 2 

This is a blockquoted text passage.
You can nest your blockquotes.

Or unnest them again.
> This is a blockquoted text passage. 
>> You can nest your blockquotes. 
> Or unnest them again.

To product a code block, as above:
> This is a blockquoted text passage. 
>> You can nest your blockquotes. 
> Or unnest them again. 

Or indent four spaces:

Normal text
Code block
Normal text 

    Code block

Horizontal rule:


![Dummy text]([url=https://joindiaspora.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/images/thumb_small_3059c10576ae28ec722a.jpg]https://joindiaspora.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/images/thumb_small_3059c10576ae28ec722a.jpg[/url])

|:- |:- |:- | 
|italic| `_italic_`| _italic_ | 
|bold| `**bold**` | **bold** | 
|strikethrough| `~~strikethrough~~` | ~~strikethrough~~ | 
|superscript| `^superscript^`| ^superscript^ | 
|links| `[Description]([url=https://example.com/]https://example.com/[/url])`|[Description]([url=https://example.com/]https://example.com/[/url])| 

#markdown #quickGuide #tips #googleplus #newhere #formatting

Source: https://pastebin.com/raw/HiVi5cYS
@clou clou @Kriek Mwette BDNZS etc.
Voilà, le site que j'essayais de retrouver l'autre jour que quelqu'un m'avait demandé comment faire pour barrer un texte.
Ici, presque tout ce qui marche (et ne marche pas) est présenté, avec ce qu'l faut écrire pour obtenir tel ou tel effet.
Il y a même possibilité de faire des tables (tableaux). C'est t'y pas génial ??? :D
J'y comprenVe r'en
Enfin... si, le début du haut à gauche, ça doit vous parler quand même.
- La 1ère colonne Feature, c'est celle des effets.
- La 2ème colonne Markdown, c'est celle de comment il faut faire
- La 3ème colonne Example, c'est celle de ce qu'on obtient
For superscript and subscript, there exists an alternate method :
Superscript : <sup>Text to be upper</sup> → Text
Subscript : <sub>Text to be lower</sub> → Text

Nice to write things like


No sequence for flashing text ? :)
I haven't tried all the HTML codes yet... and thinking of flashing text, hope I never will! ;-)
Not really good for epileptic people, all these flashing words, here and there, bliping... :S
Not really #new , but I think not much people have thought about this possibility :

Image as Link

Embed an image in a link

![](URL) ← image code 
[](URL) ← link code

[![](image URL)](link URL)

You see many of then every day : avatars, at left of comments. When you click on it, it opens the avatar's user page.

Example :
[![debian logo]([url=http://iconizer.net/files/Vista_Inspirate/orig/debian-logo.png]http://iconizer.net/files/Vista_Inspirate/orig/debian-logo.png[/url] "click me... ")]([url=https://debian.org]https://debian.org[/url])

@zebulon 1er, dit "le maudit" I'd wondered how to do that, thanks for the tip!
I think it's possible to embed Markdown things in other -- but I didn't check them all yet.
I realise that might not have written the original text you include in your post, but I wanted to add a comment, after seeing something that I missed the first time you posted this.

The Markdown for an image as shown in that text is not only incomplete, it could be interpreted as insulting.

It says,
/!/[Dummy text](https://pluspora.com/camo/630b204df7da00361c5dd11fd11cc77c27d026a6/68747470733a2f2f6a6f696e64696173706f72612e73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f75706c6f6164732f696d616765732f7468756d625f736d616c6c5f33303539633130353736616532386563373232612e6a7067)
which we can simplify to ![Dummy text](URL)

Firstly, you can optionally add hover text, that appears when the viewer hovers their mouse over the image:
![Dummy text](URL "hover text")

Secondly, the first element isn't "dummy text". It's for including some text, e.g. an image title, which will be audible to any blind or partially sighted person (not a "dummy") who uses a screen reader:
![screen reader text](URL)

If anyone wants to include off-site images in a post, please include all elements, and all members of society.
I added another pastebin to this markdown reference.
A question for every participating in here .. i'm going to create a bit of a overhaul of this quick reference and plan to add as many suggestions as possible.

Might please everybody who does not get mentioned as source for a tip please shout out at times? ;)

I'm working on a local copy for now... just tell me what you think and want. ;)
Fredux diaspora
Keep on going... Good idea !