Welcome to the Tuesday #Checkin for October 1

Simple pleasures today - I took an early morning walk with the holiday dog, nicknamed "fluffnutter" by one of you. :) Friends are on holiday, I’m not. What is a breeze in summer, walkies in the early morning before temperatures go above 30C (85F) outside, is almost equally good in today’s sucky rainy cold #Berlin weather at 9C (<50F) just after 6am. Dog’s happy, so am I. No more than half an hour, simple as that. Back for breakfast at 6:45am.

Dog at hand or not, what is your go to simple pleasure? How do you brighten you day, with a simple task, sight, activity? Or chat? Bring up anything you like, carry over previous discussions to today's post, or just say hi. We love to hear from you!

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My own CC0 material, adapted because of the simple message this has - walkies, any time of the day, any weather, can be fun and rewarding.
Heartfelt thanks to @Dave Sutton for creating the 3D Pluspora Checkin GIF, and for the use of it. ❤️
Whuffo diaspora
It's another beautiful evening here. I'm enjoying my evening Red Horse and watching the world go by. It's nice and quiet here at Casa Whuffo, just what I need at this time of my life.
...simple pleasures...sipping tea and cuddling the cat...while re-reading an old and favourite book....
Greetings… Ahoj! Aloha! Bom dia! Bonjour! Bună! G’day! Geia sas! Hi! Hei! Hello! Hallo! Hola! Haallo! Kamusta! Kia Orana! Kon’nichiwa! Namaste! Ni Hao! Ne Hao! Pagi! Sawasdee! 😄

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Definitely with @Violante de Rojas on cats and books, although my daytime drink is likely to be coffee.

Which highlights my second pleasure (simple or not so, depending on perspective): high-quality fresh-ground coffee. I take it black without sugar, so it's as simple as it can get without resorting to chewing beans, and I have been making it for long enough it doesn't feel complex. However, there is measuring and timing involved, so it's complex compared to a spoon of instant powder and some hot water.

Like @(((David "Kahomono" Frier))), music brightens my day: while I centre around Goth and Prog, I have broad tastes that tendril into most genres. For me, it's seasoning rather than a meal in itself: I listen while doing things in order to make that time more pleasing.
My work day is so regimented. I take a big thermos of coffee to work every day: pouring that first cup of coffee is my Simple Pleasure.

Here's a photo from last year's vacation: the east side of Maui
QOTD: simply waking up without being in high anxiety is great. Lying in bed for a few minutes on a day when I have no reason to get up, whether I get to doze or just lie there half-asleep.

A cup of coffee on the patio.

When Mom was still alive, slipping out on the patio with a coffee for half an hour before she woke up was blissful.

Going for a drive in the country late at night.

Not the QOTD: Too late last night I realized that I had forgotten to take the car in to renew the tags before the end of the month. I have to hope that I can make it in without getting pulled over. Luckily the DOT is just up the road.
Feel-good thing in spring and fall: sit on the balcony on a Staurday morning, with a cup of tea and mild sunlight on my face.

In Summer: take a stroll around the city at night, when the building still radiate the day's heat.

In Winter: cozy up with a blanket and a pot of tea, and read a book or play a new video game.
Cass M diaspora
Oooh driving in the country at night! I remember driving in the country during a meteorite shower. Amazing.

Other than that, watching F. and Bennie also on a chair. Very peaceful.
lately I have gotten into going for a drive, alone, with beloved music on or just quiet, depending on my mood... taking in the scenery and letting my mind wander around the novel I am currently working on
I'm a rebellious sort in many ways, I don't like routines... anything that I would do as part of a routine or daily process would fail to bring me that sort of reaction.

I tend to revel in the new but familiar. That is things that have a variety rather than a sameness. It could be listening to a piece of music by an artist that I have never heard before, or the little span of 10 or 15 minutes of silence one might find at 4 in the morning while making a first pot of tea before traffic and other sounds creep into the day... other times a warm shower or a chance to sit and do nothing for an hour but read something I have never read before (but by an author I might have read before). Or listening to a podcast or radio show.

There was a time when a stroll along the river would fill me with a momentary new outlook or feeling or bliss, but now that has been stolen from me, the river is more a distant challenge of pain if I was to try to go and walk along it with my damaged body.

Sometimes a brand new food, or a baking experiment will set me off as a simple pleasure.... rather than another round of the same old routines...
Woke up with lyrics in my head, so here's a simple pleasure for me. A song I love, while I drink my morning coffee.
Slow down, you move too fast
You got to make the morning last
Just kicking down the cobblestones
Looking for fun and feelin groovy
Ba da-da da-da da-da, feeling groovy
Good morning!

Simple pleasures are a luxury. Like @Muse I have a routine walk, around the village, with Zach and sometimes with other pals 2 and 4 legged. The walk often includes a stop at Joe's coffee and gelato, where there's excellent coffee as well as sheltered outdoor seating for humans and dogs.

Another - because some know I currently mostly work from home, I occasionally get asked to lend a hand in unexpected situations. I don't mind if I can manage to fit it in. I spent too many years travelling or leaving early and getting back late, unable to be part of the community except possibly on weekends. Yesterday, Stevie down the block, who very recently had surgery, needed checking since her human had a very long day away. Stevie was ecstatic to see me. Her human had given directions but because we know each other well, Stevie made me laugh by very clearly communicating everything she wanted instead, including me sitting right next to her at her favourite spot on the back deck, just enjoying the sunshine and savouring the smells and sounds from there. When I was leaving, Stevie didn't need words to convey how very grateful she was for the visit.

Driving in the country, well I'm German enough such that I take no pleasure in that at all. No rule without exceptions though, otoh, in those exceptionally rare moments where driving is fun though, while driving into a sunset you might hear a car stereo play this: (youtube-link): or (youtube-link) AIR - Sexy Boy.
Both times, the songs are much to short compared to a perceived intensity of the moment, so playing them via the infinityjukebox makes for much, much happier drives (as would a pedant's reading of the intentionally to short tos in this paragraph).

The Finley Quaye song reminds me of an unexpected simple pleasure: I had heard that song in a friend's car for the first time in said situation (no infinity though). Everything, song, sunset, friendship blended into a very fine extended summer evening. So when trying to recover what the song had been sounding like, days later, I went into the first music store around: a heavy metal lover's den really. So I stood there, describing the sound of that ecstatic guitar, the echo, a high pitched voice, ... and then noticed the strong built, tattooed heavy metal owner-proprietor was almost fuming because I made it so terribly difficult for him to help me, since, well, that sketchy and vague description possibly matched most of the records he had in stock.. I looked around us, thought again, then kept the keyword "the song had a raeggae feel to it" to myself, said bye and left, quietly snickering away.
In retrospect that was the first time I did that, and it was fun, if unintentional: asking for something blatantly off, and check the reaction. An ad-hoc social experiment like this, and you can be pleased with yourself for days.
Muse diaspora
@Su Ann Lim How sweet is Stevie! I really enjoy being able to do something for my community upon occasion. Not so long ago was The Wattle Fairy for the Hurstbridge Wattle Festival! Doesn't it feel marvellous Su Ann?
Simple pleasure? My morning cuppa.
Simple Pleasure? It depends on if I'm going out to work, or working from home. If from home, my walk in the morning with my dog. If going out, coffee. Definitely, coffee.
@Muse It must have been immense fun being The Wattle Fairy for the Hurstbridge Wattle Festival! Yes, being an active part of the community is a simple pleasure but very fulfilling. ❤️

@Carsten Raddatz (劉愷恩) Re: road trips
In these days of increasing problems from climate change, road trips seem to have become guilty pleasures - except for those with electric cars! One of the topics discussed during a recent girl's night out was that it is becoming increasing viable, with the help of charging station location apps, to plan long distance trips. Also, there are EV rentals now! It's pricey but isn't the probability EV rental prices will decrease before long? So road trips are slowly becoming a non-guilty pleasure again!

Being Canadian, guilty/non-guilty, recreational road trips are a pleasure. It is an incredible freedom to be able to simply jump into a vehicle, leave urban life behind within minutes/a few hours (at most), and explore seeming endless vast tracks of beautiful wilderness. I will never forget the experiences from my ~ 5,000 km cross country car trip...and err... a few others.

A car trip to explore the Yukon Territories is something I've been dreaming of doing for some time. The risk to this trip - a number of people I know who did it never came back. They stayed to make the Yukon home!

Not going too much into any guilty pleasure discusion here @Su Ann Lim - plenty of people will need cars for what they do. Going electric, super, if you can. please do. What I was aiming at is, I personally find driving 1.5+ tonnes of steel around a sometimes necessary task, and for city life rarely necessary (Europeans have smaller cars, right). Yes, we have excellent public transportation to get people around and from A to Z. Given the vastness of Canada or the US, or the unavailability of suitable transportation at any place however cars won't go away soon. And a joyride to a remote location can be fun (and mosquitoes might think so too when you go, give or take a few myriads of them :)). Totally would like to come along, not invading on a girl's trip, but yeah I've never been there, no reason not to go see Yukon. Or Chile. Or the Outback.
So whatever Fahrvergnügen blurbs attempt to invoke, I couldn't be more ignorant to advertisement's sweet messages. Product's useful, so thats why I use it, not because what they say in the copy.

Having said that, Stevie seems adorable ❤️ from the picture and the description! Say hi from me!

@Joseph Teller I'm very much with you. Getting up early is simple enough and good because of what you describe. And all the other things. :)

Also, occasionally, listening to a known track again after some time is rewarding. Listening to music. A favourite track I may have mentioned, when you get new loudspeakers for your hifi stereo: (youtube-link) .
(Difficult to find a high quality link - mine isn't. First 30 seconds will blare on fail. Sry, find another source. "From CD" its clean.) No, do not click the track if you're using bluetooth, headphones, a boombox, or other mediocre stuff for playback. Listen with care, at home, a stationery hifi. When I got the speakers I still have now, that track put the equipment to the test - and it was listening to it again for the first time. A very simple thing to do. @Dave Higgins, music accompanying everything? Or select activities? And no intentional sofa sitting for listening without sth else to do?
it seems like my whole life is just indulging simple pleasures....so I go to a cup of tea or a game on the internet or do some mending( I like to mend it relaxes me) I currently am indulging in a mental hope to be real project of a sewing project to create a new look( Andaz) I found the fabric and all I need is the time to make the pattern from the item close enough to what I want, but these weeks are all chopped up with visits, events and things that need to be done NOW and my project can wait...I should order the fabric now though! I read too. I need more time from the internet hahahahah
Good morning Plusporans 🌞
what is your go to simple pleasure? How do you brighten your day, with a simple task, sight, activity?
It used to be going to the gym and getting on the elliptical. I loved that so much. It's kind of surprising actually as I hated any sports activity. I loved that every week/month I kept going longer and harder.

I hope to get back to that.
Had my needle biopsy to get a sample from my lung yesterday. When I got home it hurt so bad. Much better today. The sample will get evaluated to verify it is metastasized colon cancer (there isn't much doubt.) If so, I'll get some radiation treatment and then we will see. The oncologist didn't want me to worry too much -- I think.

The spot is ~ 1cm x 1cm. so hopefully with some radiation and probably another round of chemo I'll be good 🤷🏼‍♂️
@Dave Higgins, music accompanying everything? Or select activities? And no intentional sofa sitting for listening without sth else to do?
Not quite everything @Carsten Raddatz (劉愷恩): I don't own a portable method of playing music, so I don't listen while vacuuming or other tasks that involve wandering around the house; and I don't listen while watching programs or composing verse; but I have music playing while I cook, wrangle prose, and do admin, which covers most of the day from after breakfast to supper.

I do occasionally listen just to listen, but the voracious reading ability I mentioned a few days ago comes with an instinctive drive to read any words that are visible to me; so if I sit in the lounge just listening to music, I am constantly fighting the part of my mind that wants to read all the DVD titles &c.
It's my favorite time of year for the first time in nearly a decade, City of Heroes Halloween!
@Griff Ferrell Ouch and the apres yuck from your biopsy. But that's a milestone in the rearview, whew. Now for the steps ahead (including elliptical ones)... what are other things you find simple pleasure in? ❤️

Hmm.... where are the music makers e.g. @Phil Landmeier (ᚠ) and others who haven't yet mentioned the pleasure you enjoy with your musical gifts?
There are a few songs that usually brighten my day, including (but not limited to):

Day by Day from Godspell
Climb The Mountains from Mountain Days: The John Muir Musical
This is the Moment from Jekyll & Hyde: A Musical
Anthem from Chess
If it's not too cold I'm content with going outside and wiggling my toes in the snow or grass while sniffing the air.
Simple pleasures? Maybe my only pleasure (not really) is my Shadow. He lays nearby as I caffeinate myself with a cup of black instant coffee. My Shadow, my kitty catto, my buddy, my palo.
@Richard Healy wiggling toes in snow is pleasurable? who knew!

Another occasional simple pleasure for me - cooking, when I have the time to indulge in slow cooking comfort food, a meal for a few friends or testing a new recipe. During this morning's walk around the village someone actually asked if I could make congee (a comfort food) to share with them this week!

Source: healthynibblesandbits.com/basic-congee-recipe-jook/
The recipe for the congee in the pic uses seafood for the protein. I usually use chicken.

Cooking is a pleasure for many of you too, right?
Many things.. walking, reading, learning something new, listening music.
For me, it's walking, petting animals, sometimes music.

Thanks for the ear worm, @Janet Logan It's now hours later, and I'm still "feelin' groovy". ;-))
Nothing around me is simple :P
Cooking, photography/art, designing stuff to 3D print. I dunno
I had to give it someone @Don Little so I could get rid of it myself. 😁
@Su Ann Lim If it's too cold it hurts. Otherwise, just a sensation to appreciate.
@Janet Logan A friend of mine had a theory about that. She said because you only think of one verse or the chorus, you'll keep thinking about it until you hear the whole song. The brain wants completion.
Don't know if that theory is valid.
Interesting and plausible @Don Little
Simple happy: seeing my dogs very comfortable and sleepy.
@Richard Healy you know what... your mention of sensation brought back a flashback to a hot tub experience in snow country. Foolish group of us, which included a couple of Swedes, got so hot (there was no thermometer) we rolled in snow to cool down. It was...refreshing. You're right, snow can be pleasant. 😆 feeling groovy

@Bob Lai nice! You are a musical fan. ❤️
I like to weed my front garden, if it doesn't annoy the bees too much. Right now, though, my time at home during daylight hours is limited, so I'm more likely to refresh by putting a DVD of a favorite show on, putting up my feet, and knitting. Not a lot of time for that right now either...but that's okay, as these late summer / early fall weekends I get to spend all day with friends and meeting new people (and sometimes old former coworkers), and the buzz from that lasts a day or more.
This past Sunday I found some Tupelo honey (got a taste too!) and gave a small jar to the friend I often commute with on weekends, to enjoy for Rosh Hashanah.
@[email protected] how did it go with the tags? I hope you had the same guardian angel that got us through 4 states with dead tags.
@Lisa Stranger It was no problem.

It happened once before, back in the days when my Mom was still driving. Since she had renewed them, the renewal date was on her birthday and I was unaware that it had passed. She had gotten the notice to renew and forgotten about it. We were actually two months overdue when we got pulled over for expired tags.

I can’t recall if the officer gave us a ticket or just a warning. There was no problem renewing.

I once forgot to renew my driver’s license and it was only when I went to Home Depot to rent a carpet cleaner that the guy said “You know that your driver’s license is expired?” I thought that I had another year and I think my Mom had put the renewal notice “in a safe place”. I was a month late, I think.

There was no problem.

However, yesterday when I went to renew my Disabled permit, I discovered that it wasn’t a permanent permit and that I have to get my doctor to fill out another form. Her locum filled it out the last time and put “temporary” on it. Hopefully my family doctor will give me a “permanent”.

But I have until the 14th when this one expires.
@[email protected] if you do get a permanent placard, get plates for your car too. I have both- plates on my car, and my placard is in Kat's for when we take her car places. It shouldn't cost any extra.