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Now it turns out studies are using inadequate metrics.

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The clinical definition of an addiction is not about dependency to a chemical. it's a statement that an activity or object, or a preoccupation with that object or activity, causes substantial interuptions or affects to the patient's normal life; and the seeking of that activity or object has substantial deleterious effects on the life of the person.
Yes, chemicals are the most common vector, but there's also addicition to adrenaline, addicition to the internet, to sex, to food, etc. So when a person starts getting irritable, twitchy, or preoccupied when their normal fix is not available, and even acts out because of it, that is a sign of withdrawl and addiction.
Yes clincal bias is a thing, and self-reporting is a joke where it comes to an addiction, because the addict never sees themselves as having a problem; but again, the addicition itself is a real thing.

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We had our first and last garage sale. Now we have less stuff.

Ah, fun story. A fairly large organization "supporting free and open source software" wanted to interview me for a podcast, after they found my profile and figured I would be a perfect match as someone who works on open source full-time, and also has a lot of side projects.

So, the org contacting me was one of those religious Stallmanism groups. I knew from the very first contact where that story was going to end, because I tend not to please those people (because, you know, I use my brain). I expected some cut-down article with heavy misrepresentations of my words to make my interview fit their narrative, but the whole story was even shorter than I expected, because they didn't even finish the interview.

After the interviewer had figured out his Jitsi audio issues (you know, Skype is the source of all evil), he asked the very first question. It was something along the lines of
Why do you think we should convince humanity to stop using proprietary and centralized solutions and get them to use libre and federated systems?
And, uh, if you know me, you know exactly what I replied...
I actually don't consider that a good idea.
And here we were - the interviewers face looked like he just spoke to the devil himself, and that was the end of the interview. He didn't ask me to clarify, he didn't ask me for my actual proposal, he just told me that's not the narrative they want to promote, and then we ended the call.

One gotta love those church people. :)
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"use what works" is maybe a bit simple, but "use what works unless you understand the implications of using something else, and push that the things you can't use eventually work better". I'm all for building FOSSy alternatives to large commercial projects, but in order for them to be promotable to a wide audience, they need to be working either just as well as their replacement, or even better.

Providing actual value and benefits > satisfying the own ideology.

*Hmm... "Echo in the Canyon", Folk Rock History and a bit more from Laurel Canyon

I won't editorialize or add except this brief context:
This is about a new music documentary/film by Andrew Slater, "hosted" by Jakob Dylan.

I saw the 2 principles interviewed last night on NY television, basically a few short snippets of celebrities and a few anecdotes. This review is right, little about the shadier parts and nothing about Joni Mitchell, but then it's personal accounts, and maybe a blind spot (?). Anyway, I found this interesting enough to share, who may appreciate the history of early folk>rock>electrified_rock>UK/EastCoast/WestCoast music evolution.

Echo in the Canyon (Review)

#music #folkrock #laurelcanyon #rockmusic #classicrock #60smusic #musichistory #rockmusichistory #musica #musique
Yeah, I head a discussion of this and how poorly it was done.....leaving so much out....particularly the women....Joni was the cornerstone of Laurel Canyon.....what bullshit!

Word processors are ditching equation editors in favour of LaTeX

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Family Comfort Food
Family Comfort Food
When we have enough caregivers for Drew, I get to cook and bake again. Today I finally made a simple favorite and it’s good both hot or served cold. I’m not a huge fan of brown rice or peppers but I think it’s the added Liquid Aminos by Bragg’s that makes a difference. It’s called a “soy alternative “ and very tasty without the heavy salt. Just sauté onion and peppers and add cooked brown rice. A couple tablespoons of the Liquid Aminos is amazing.
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This doesn’t hit you the way soy sauce does and it is full of good things. I don’t lik soy sauce but I love this! Maybe since it is not fermented that will help? @Alison Redford
Liquid Aminos
@Beej Cobalt I was thinking of you and your cooking yesterday when I was leaving the 99¢ store - right by Penzy's. If you ever want me to pick something up, I do go that way regularly.

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Quels trajets intérieurs en avion pourraient être interdits en cas d’alternative en train ?

Titre accrocheur, ils n'interdiront jamais les vols, mais s'ils taxaient le kerozène et les billets, ce serait déjà un premier pas.

#avion #planète #fff #xr #écologie
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maj : lu sur libe dans les breves

La contribution supplémentaire de l’aérien à la transition écologique ne sera pas pour tout de suite : l’Assemblée nationale a rejeté vendredi une série d’amendements au projet de loi sur les mobilités, le gouvernement renvoyant le sujet «à l’échelle européenne». Des députés socialistes, communistes, l’ancienne ministre de l’Ecologie Delphine Batho (non-inscrite) et également 30 députés LREM entendaient pourtant, pour les vols nationaux, taxer le kérosène qui bénéficie d’une exonération de TICPE (taxe de consommation sur les produits énergétiques). Ils n'ont pas obtenu gain de cause.

A lire sur Libération.fr
Nicolas Sarkozy. Le Parquet national financier a ouvert une enquête préliminaire visant l’ex-président de la République, mais qui depuis «s’embourbe» selon «Mediapart» qui a dévoilé l’information. Notre article.

Algérie. Tandis que les arrestations et les manifestations se poursuivent, la «conférence nationale pour une sortie de crise», organisée ce samedi par les associations et les syndicats autonomes, devrait déboucher sur une feuille de route pour guider la transition. Notre article.

Allemagne. Deux gynécologues comparaissent vendredi matin à Berlin pour avoir indiqué sur leur site par quelles méthodes elles pratiquaient l’IVG. Elles tombaient sous le coup du paragraphe 219a du code pénal allemand, de plus en plus contesté dans le pays et ont été condamnées à 2000 euros d'amende chacune. Notre article.

Féminisme. Ce vendredi, les femmes suisses étaient en grève : grève du travail, des tâches domestiques, de la consommation… Elles entendaient ainsi dénoncer les inégalités et le sexisme, toujours bien ancrés dans la société. Entretien pour décrypter cette mobilisation.

Réfugiés. Pourquoi organiser un forum sur la question de l’accueil, samedi dans la capitale ? Dominique Versini, adjointe aux Solidarités et à la Lutte contre l’exclusion à Paris, a de sérieux arguments. Interview.

Extrême droite. A l’approche des municipales, le Rassemblement national rêve d’un ancrage local digne du «premier parti d’opposition» et envoie ses transfuges de LR racoler à droite. Notre analyse.


Crew Of Norwegian-Owned Oil Tanker Arrives In Dubai After 'Hostile Attack'

The 10-member crew of Front Altair reached Dubai two days after explosions rocked two oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz. Backed by video evidence, the U.S. is blaming Iran.

#news #npr #publicradio #usa
posted by pod_feeder_v2

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. Especially in systems where healthcare costs affect non-patients.
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There is an increasing about of pushback against treatments that are not beneficial. Statins had a reversal a few years back when long-term studies showed no net health benefit from them. And there was another such just recently. (I don't remember at the moment what it was.)

Drones piloted by climate-change activists target Heathrow

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#eco-terror #climatechange
Eco-terrorizm. Not sure what exactly they try to protest? The fact that humanity can travel long distances fast and cheaply? I never get what these morons want.

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He should be in court via video only the the judge and jury. No opportunity for little hand signals to or support from observers.
His video footage should be entered into evidence as a guilty plea.
Cass M diaspora
I'm sure he's going to be found guilty, he just wants top twist the knife.

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Great illustration of how people resist ideas...and the only fix is self awareness,
reshare from @Su Ann Lim

You’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you - The Oatmeal

Take 5 minutes of your busy day and read this comic. READ IT! You NEED to read this!

-Hat tip to @Marcel Gagne.This
Well examined, but typical of today's writing in that it is limited verbally, and highly tutorial. Useful nonetheless.
And I am a person who explains to a lot of the high school classmates re-encountered on social media that Dec. 25 was part of a pagan festival and Rev. Francis Bellamy, the socialist author of the Pledge of Allegiance, wrote it with no references to god. Eisenhower put that in, against the wishes of Bellamy's family.

Comparing the Same Project in Rust, Haskell, C++, Python, Scala and OCaml

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!Friendica Support If you click on a contact on the directory page, you will end up on the home page and not on the contact page.
This is actually pointless?
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Can confirm, it is fixed.

Hey BOB K...HEY KID...Learn something new because it's healthy to use the brain for learning new things everyday.
but don't you know, if enough people say it (loudly and with conviction) it must be true
Yeah---it's easy when you're corrupted to the bone and bootlick War criminals and mafias and worship them as celebrities and support them...being their lapdog allows you to speak loud with NO KNOWLEDGE at all...In a society where ignorance is a bliss...Speaking nonsene is HEROIC!!!

Facebook lawyers explain to a judge that privacy on Facebook is nonexistent

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Huawei might use Sailfish OS as its Android alternative | Android Authority

Even though Huawei is reportedly working on its own mobile OS, the company might be looking elsewhere for its Android alternative. That something else is allegedly a Russian-made fork of Sailfish OS, reported The Bell on Monday.
#technology #mobile #Android #Huawei #Sailfish
Huawei reportedly looking into Sailfish OS fork as its Android alternative
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Googling "install fonts on Android" looks helpful.
@Garry Knight - It appears to require rooting. That's unfortunate.

ok, dint 'ave such great day... but, #humor keeps ye alive... enjoy the later #calvinandhobbes #bacon and #dad, #hobbes likes #tuna and #salmon (like me) for sure... hm, means, me's off... #cya 🖤

Woman: Gee. Thanks. I guess. :P

#Openbook forced to change name.

Facebook apparently sent their lawyers after Openbook. Openbook can't afford a long legal battle with Facebook, so they are changing their name. The new name? Openspace.

More on it from Openbook here: https://medium.com/openbook-org/about-the-word-book-in-openbook-ed33b1514e71

Facebook is the worst. #ScrewFacebook
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Their claim is Openbook is based on the concept of an "open book" not a rip off of Facebook. Which makes this whole thing odd. The Openspace was suggested early on by an investor, as an "open space" verses "open book".

@Murray J Brown ∗ I saw them reply to this very thought on Twitter. Apparently MySpace hasn't taken such measures regarding their name, and they feel more confident with it.


#AdventuresOfSuperman #430 (1987) #JerryOrdway Cover & Pencils, #MarvWolfman Story, 1st Appearance of ##Deuce & Charger "Homeward Bound" #Superman's career conflicts with his parents' anniversary party. BUY NOW


Pelican Party

More bird images "here" - tagged as #myphoto, #birds, and #waterbirds, along with specific type names.
And more nesting on my own page @ www.fenichel.com/birds

#waterbirdwednesday #waterbird #gplusrefugee #florida #nature
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The biggest (heaviest) bird we have here are the swans. They don't fly very often, but when they do it's quite a spectacle. I remember watching one from a bridge flying below, leaving marks like footprints on the water from the downwash...
These guys, though often content to just glide around, definitely do fly! Often in large flocks which are truly impressive (as are roseate spoonbills, which are scarcer but almost as big - and red/pink too). But the pelican's stock in trade is their dive-bombing for prey (as with the anhinga, who continues underwater).

Metropolis 2019
Rooftops and Freedom Tower, From Chelsea (New York), June 2019

This one's hot off the press. More images of New York, old & new, including rescues from Google+, on Flickr, and @ http://www.fenichel.com/NYNY.shtml (soon to be updated with more new things and vintage saves from Google+)

#NYC #NewYork #rooftops #freedomtower #cityscape #blackandwhite #bw #fujifilm #acros #chelsea #myphoto #gplusrefugee
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There seems to be a frenzy of construction projects in almost every block and not just mega-projects like Hudson Yards. I wonder if Manhattan is getting over-gentrified and is loosing some of the vibe that made it so uniquely desirable in the first place.


Here's the only one I could find, from last year - it's gotten worse, but you can see, what was a lovely swath of sky against a cityscape now has this one super-intrusive and ugly rectangular finger (pointed at us!).

Yes, the city is the greatest on earth, once they're done building it!

Every time you put an emoji on Pluspora, say a Thank you to Noot who helped us with the code for it.
You were damn brilliant and I will never forget you.
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Lol, yup @😺 Team Sintti 😺. You surely do.
@Di Cleverly, sorry to hear that.

I was just at my middle daughter's high school graduation awards night last night. The list of memorial scholarships awarded for students, most of them girls, killed in single-vehicle accidents on icy roads on the way to the school over the years was harrowing.

Duplicating posts


I am slowly posting Women's world cup fixtures, for the most part the title, tags and some of the body text is the same, all that does change is the date of the fixture and the actual fixtures.

Would it be possible to be able to duplicate these posts in the same way as we can with events please. This could benefit other users where just small details change.
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hoergen Friendica
In frio you can just use the "copy " Butten on the lower right of the already created event

hoergen Friendica
Ah sorry ..you already know about the event .. maybe need another coffee ;))
No problem, it was more of a general suggestion given that we already have a button to duplicate events.

Suggested as it does make it easier for people. Anyway off to update the latest result :)
hoergen Friendica
I already was thinking about some addons for example a "Template" addon for posts.
Sounds a good idea :)

diaspora\* version released!

As scheduled, a new minor release is now released. Over the past twelve weeks, we have managed to collect 58 commits made by 7 contributors for this minor release.

A huge thanks to all the contributors from diaspora*'s amazing community! If you want to help make diaspora* even better, please check out our getting started guide. Please see the changelog for a complete list of changes made in this release.

Notable Changes

* Support TOTP two factor authentication
* Add a manifest.json file as a first step to make diaspora* a Progressive Web App
* Allow web+diaspora:// links to link to a profile with only the diaspora ID


For podmins, update instructions are available as usual in the wiki. For those of you who have been testing the release candidate, run git checkout master before the update to get back to the stable release branch.
Next minor freeze ( 2019-06-16
Next release ( 2019-06-23

diaspora\* Rapid Release: ICS feed, HTML version.
#diaspora #announcement #release #07110
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jonny diaspora

So nice to see someone who truly represents American values and citizens from hate, ignorance & discriminatory policy.
Super-star statement to Congress. What a breath of fresh air even to hear things like facts, values, history, and decency! Missing it...
Editorial: Colorado’s freshmen congressman, Joe Neguse, stands for Dreamers
  • edit impossible... Someone who truly represents American values and seeks to protect our citizens from hate... Now if only the GOP side could learn shame...

LEAVE VENEZUELA ALONE PSYCHIATRIC GERIATRIC CASE!!! Keep your golf courses within your frontiers and build a wall but never come out from there!!! Venezuela was a peaceful country ...modest people working really hard for the last 30 years until with bloofy hands from the Middle East not enough destroying the Middle East you DEVIL...come to Latin America for Venezolan oil. It's not for MONEY...for the elite has the machine to make money and can make all the money they want...it's FOR EVIL...you cant see a modest country working together and becoming strong....you must tread on everyone for your PARANOID FEAR OF LOSING POWER---Why dont you use your power to HEAL THE WORLD? TO STOP WARS THE ONES YOU SUPPORTED 93% OF THE US EXISTENCE SINCE 1776---THE EARTH IS DEVASTATED AND POLLUTED AND BECOMING TOXIC FOR OUR CHILDREN WHO FROM YOUNG AGE SUFFER FROM ASTHMA ALLERGIES AUTISM and all kinds of maladies due to THE NARCISSIST FASCIST COMPLEX OF INFERIORITY otherwise REAL SUPERIOR PEOPLE doesnt need to show is SUPERIOR.---BUILD A WALL AND CREATE MORE MONEY FREE IN YOUR MONEY MACHINES and LEAVE HUMANITY IN PEACE!!!!
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Will you vote for me ??
Yes greg I would!!

Oberlin College case shows how universities are losing their way

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\#HackerNews #are #case #college #how #losing #oberlin #shows #their #universities #way
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Homophobic and transphobic hate crimes surge in England and Wales

Homophobic and transphobic hate crimes, including stalking, harassment and violent assault, have more than doubled in England and Wales over five years, a Guardian analysis has shown.

The rate of LGBT hate crime per capita rose by 144% between 2013-14 and 2017-18. In the most recent year of data, police recorded 11,600 crimes, more than doubling from 4,600 during this period.

#homophobia #hate #LGBT #lgbtiqa #queer

Does anyone know some good general Mastodon instances that are both open to new users and running 2.9?

I can't get this to open?
@switchingsocial Try with HTTPS. https://mastodon.sdf.org/
Beyond that, I'm not sure because that's the one I'm on.

It just gives me an error page with the elephant hitting a computer :/
5CR1PT Mastodon
@switchingsocial there is @mastodon.social!

True! 😄

But I think I'll leave that off the list, it's already quite a big instance.

Covent Garden in Tune

This display has been in Covent Garden Market for some weeks now. I'm always tempted to sit down and play for a while.

Copyright © Garry Knight | #photography #mywork #myphoto
#allrightsreserved #copyright
My Flickr account: https://www.flickr.com/garryknight
You can use most of my photos for free under the Creative Commons Attribution licence
but this one is All Rights Reserved
Click here to view at different sizes

WiPhone: A professionally-packaged Arduino phone

Get WiPhone! The WiPhone project is an open source mobile phone which makes HD voice calls, for free, over WiFi. It's hackable, modular, cheap, and open. WiPhone gives you the simple calling…
Article word count: 48

HN Discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19241484
Posted by catherd (karma: 228)
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\#HackerNews #arduino #phone #professionally-packaged #wiphone
Article content:

[1]Get WiPhone!

The WiPhone project is an open source mobile phone which makes HD voice calls, for free, over WiFi. Itʼs hackable, modular, cheap, and open.

WiPhone gives you the simple calling experience of a minimal phone, and the adaptability of the Arduino platform.

Crowdfunding begins March 1st!

HD Voice, No Service Contracts

WiPhone is different. WiPhone uses the existing WiFi around you to make HD Voice calls. For free. Buy it once and itʼs yours.

Works on most broadband WiFi networks (including most home WiFi connections). No service contract required, and you can even upgrade the open source firmware or expand the hardware to do things it wasnʼt originally intended for.

Modern smartphones are more and more a tool we donʼt own, but instead one weʼre only allowed to carry around. One that serves the interests of various tracking networks, corporate boards, and government organizations. You donʼt own it, it owns you. It tracks you, serves you ads, and sucks away your time with mindless dopamine hits. We want a phone thatʼs back in our control, optimized for our convenience.

We donʼt like the system todayʼs service providers, tracking networks, and govenrment oversight have set up, and the WiPhone is a phone that puts us back in control. Maybe even fights back a little. Open, simple, firmware allows us to repurpose the phone into whatever application we want. Hardware with accessible I/O and an easy disassembly process enable creation of connected hardware based on your needs.

[2]Hackers and Makers [3]Kids [4]Elderly [5]Money [6]Privacy [7]Travelers [8]Backup [9]Emergency
\* WiPhone is a hackerʼs Swiss Army knife. 
 \* Easily add functionality and use it in projects as a super-charged, well packaged Arduino development system. 
 \* Load your own firmware to implement different calling protocols or completely different use-cases. 
   The firmware is unlocked and freely modifiable. 
 \* Hardware expansion through a replaceable back plate. 

 \* Send with your child to school/daycare/etc. 
 \* Let them keep in contact without the distractions of a smartphone. 
 \* Never worry about a service plan or remembering to pay the bill. 

 \* Leave at your elderly parentʼs house. 
 \* No additional bill to remember. 
 \* Uses the traditional touchpad they are used to for making calls. 
 \* Simple and familiar user interface. 

 \* Youʼre poor (sorry!), or cheap (congratulations?). 
 \* A WiPhone can let you keep in touch without ongoing financial commitments. 
 \* If you need to call someone who doesnʼt have a VoIP app, low cost services are available to connect you to the traditional phone system. 

   If you need to call someone who only uses a regular phone number (if they donʼt have a VoIP app). Typical plans cost about $25/year (US or European providers). 

 \* Works in different countries without needing a new SIM card or service plan. 
 \* International calls are same as local ones. No restrictions based on borders or calling plans. 
 \* Don’t need to deal with another country’s radio frequency compatibility. 
 \* Keep the same phone number/VoIP address all over the world. 

 \* Avoid being tracked by cell tower triangulation or IMSI catching (Stingray). 
 \* No ad networks, telemetry, or tracking cookies. 
 \* Easily disable automatic firmware updates, or completely remove the stock firmware and use your own. 

 \* Keep it in your car or bag in case your regular phone has problems, or gets lost or stolen. 
 \* Use it when you donʼt want to take your expensive smartphone somewhere it might get damaged. 
 \* Don’t need to maintain a service plan for the backup. 

 \* If youʼve ditched your landline, with a WiPhone and residential VoIP service you can still have e-911 to connect with local emergency services.

WiPhone is built for hacking, not for some big corporationʼs bottom line. Complete disassembly in less than a minute, using only 4 screws. The operating system firmware is open, and simple enough to be understood entirely by one motivated person.

Not only is WiPhone capable of completely free calling, itʼs also an open source, self-contained Arduino development platform. It comes in a nice package, with a battery, power supply, and on/off circuitry, unlike most other dev boards. Once your project is done, instead of an eyesore of tangled wires and stacked boards, itʼs compact and visually appealing.

Join the newsletter to be first in line once WiPhone is ready to buy.
\* FREE high capacity battery upgrade 
   only for early subscribers. 
 \* Get project updates and plans.

[10]Join WiPhone Mailing Group
\* VoIP (WiFi) Phone 
 \* 2.4” screen (320 x 240) 
 \* 802.11 b/g/n WiFi 
 \* micro USB for charging, serial communication, and firmware updates 
 \* 3.5mm audio jack 
 \* Internal microSD slot 
 \* Size: 120mm x 50mm x 12mm 
 \* Weight: 80g 
 \* 700 mAh Battery, 8 hours talk/1 week standby time (estimated) 
 \* 25 buttons keypad, 4 reserved for user, all keys are user programmable 
 \* Espressif ESP32 based system, programmable in Arduino 
 \* MicroPython for user applications 
 \* 20 pin programmable header on back of phone 

 \* 4MB PSRAM 
 \* 16MB Flash 
 \* 700 mAh Battery 
 \* ESP32 Dual core running at 240 MHz 
 \* Wi-Fi b/g/n + BT/BLE Dual Mode (Bluetooth is not yet used in the software) 
 \* USB serial port for charging, debugging, and serial data transfer 
 \* Externally accessible headers for custom daughter boards, including UART, SPI, I2C, PWM, digital I/O, ADC functions 

 \* Size: 120mm x 50mm x 12mm 
 \* Weight: 80g 
 \* Polycarbonate case and screen 
 \* Silicone keypad, backlit 
 \* phone back can be replaced with a PCB to expand the hardware capabilities 

 \* Fully working VoIP phone, with calling, text messages, and contact library. 
 \* MicroPython for user applications 
 \* Wireless firmware updates

WiPhone is expandable through daughter boards. The whole back of the phone is a replaceable panel that accepts a standard 1.6mm thickness PCB, which you can use to add whatever functionality you like.


We made a WiPhone into an RC car:

And we also made the coolest way to ever to answer a phone:

The daughterboard headers have power, digital I/O, and all the common embedded busses like SPI, I2C, and UART.

If you need an always-connected phone capable of making calls from the side of the road or wherever you happen to be, WiPhone is not that phone. However, if youʼre like most of us, 80% or more of your time is spent near accessable WiFi. Or you may find it useful as a second phone. So while dropping the cellular radio does remove a big chunk of capability, itʼs also trade that brings a number of benefits:


It almost completely disables a wide variety of privacy issues related to tracking. No cookies following you around and no cell tower triangulation.


It eliminates a black box component (the baseband radio) that is closed and encumbered with IP protection, often only has documentation available by NDA, runs firmware we canʼt control, and likely requires binary blobs to interact with. Hackers donʼt have the tools or access needed to work with cellular radios at the level needed to do the sorts of things we like, but internet technologies have a long history of enabling instead of obfuscating or obstructing, so it makes a lot of sense to concentrate on WiFi.


WiPhone is a phone, and people will inevitably (shall we say, even obsessively) compare specs and price to mass market phones produced in volumes of millions of units per year. Thereʼs no way we can compete in that playing field, but dropping the cellular radio at least lets us keep costs reasonable. Cellular baseband makers like Broadcomm or Qualcomm probably arenʼt even going to be interested in interacting with us unless we move 10ʼs of thousands of units, and the types of cell modules (such as u-blocks) available to low volume products like ours cost as much as a cheap android phone. If we added one of those low volume type cell modules weʼd have to sell our basic phone for the same price as a mid-range full-featured smartphone.

Dropping the cellular radio also means dropping service plans. Which is a great feature for times when you need to stay connected, but donʼt want to or canʼt justify an ongoing service contract.


We are a small team and we want to ship something that is reliable and brings joy to use. Concentrating our efforts on a technology that plays to our strengths simplifies our design requirements. Have a look around at all the other technology projects that have done crowdfunding, got seduced by feature creep, and never delivered. Part of delivering something useful is being selective and not trying to add everything you can think of. We needed to choose between being yet another regular phone, or conecntrating on the things that can make WiPhone special, like daughterbaords and an interpreter for easily adding MicroPython apps.


RC Car

Sparklepony (RGB Array)

Breakout Board

Bus Pirate

Programmable NFC+RFID



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Weather Monitor

If you donʼt see the answer to your question here, feel free to send us a message at: [email protected]

WiPhone is a unique, minimal phone. It uses WIFI to make HD voice calls, for free. This means that there is no required service contract - and it’s yours for life.

WiPhone is an open source phone, compatible with the Arduino platform: it’s hackable, modular, cheap, and open.

No. You might be able to get one into the microSD slot if you really push.

You can sign up for one of the free VoIP services. This method allows you to receive calls, and to call anyone with a VoIP app installed on their phone or computer.

If you need to call regular phone numbers you will need to sign up for a paid VoIP service. Those generally cost significantly less than residential or cellular service.

You will need to use [14]Multi-Tap text entry using the numeric keypad.
The hardware supports it, if someone wants to write the software to enable it.

These features arenʼt currently included in the design. We are concentrating on making VoIP work well before we start adding features. But if you can design a PCB, weʼve reserved a header on the back of the phone for expansion if you want to add that capability.

Update: We have designed a LoRA daughterboard which may go into production if the response is big enough

Because they are simpler and cheaper than buying a larger touch-enabled screen. We want to make a low-cost phone thatʼs easy for people to adapt to their needs. We think physical buttons are easier for people with limited hacking skills (or simply better tings to do than configure soft buttons) to adapt to their needs.
This depends on a few things we arenʼt finished designing yet. But we are aiming for the kind of device that doensʼt need charging every day.

See the [15]Features section for the present specs. These are subject to revision.

We wrote it. There werenʼt any open source libraries available that were suitable for small embedded applications like this one.
Probably Github. After we ship the rewards.
We could, but not at this time. Please see the [16]previous section for reasons why.
It doesnʼt, really. We wrote it using Processing, which lets you use the Arduino IDE that most electronics hackers are familiar with. Once the code is released you can easily look through the code to see how it all works. Or load your own and use the hardware for a completely different purpose.
Yes. WiPhone will have CE, FCC, IC, and RoHS (North American and European) compliance when the first units ship. Other certifications may be done based on response.
Currently no. Backers will have input to help us choose future features, so itʼs a possibility later.

We new friends!

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I'm giggling again!!!

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This is the type of story that's going to make my daughter think she can read minds. :hahaha:

Hey, .Art friends! I'd like to start a #peertube account to post my art stream recordings, and possibly other art-related videos in the future.

Can anyone recommend a good art-focused instance?

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