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Kids are V-E-R-Y loud but they are kids so hopefully will learn inside voices at some point.
I did nannying for a family with three children, all diagnosed as hyperactive and autistic spectrum. Let me tell ya about loud! (but I loved all three of them and still do!)

Surface Drive Pedal Boat

I just had this idea for an outrigger pedal boat which might be efficient due to the simplicity of its direct drive and the way it works against a large area of water. It has no losses to chains or gears.

It's an outrigger boat where the rider sits sideways with their feet over the outrigger. The pedal rod directly drives two paddles attached to the tip of the rod. Even though this shaft is at a weird angle, it causes no drag because it's completely above water. The paddles take turns slicing through the water. Unlike a normal canoe paddle, it doesn't move directly rearward. Rather, it slices sideways while pushing rearward. Thus, it doesn't completely act like a paddlewheel, nor does it completely act like a propeller. It's sort of in between.

In order to brake steer, you stop the pedals with a paddle dipped in the water. Depending on the position of the paddle, you either brake left or brake right.

This surface drive system is good for shallow draft and swamp situations, because you can simply rotate the paddles horizontal to lift them above the water. At that point, you can use a handheld pole to push against the ground until the water is deep enough for the paddles. Having the entire shaft above water also makes it easy to clear off weeds and such if they get wrapped around the shaft/paddles.

Mounting the paddles with a flexible pole may help the paddles "give" rather than break if they hit the ground or a log or something. Also the shaft bearing may be mounted to the hull by a magnet. Thus, the whole shaft pops off the hull if a paddle hits something too hard. The basic philosophy is to make the boat give rather than break. Make it easy to recover from a snag, rather than try to make everything strong enough to power through anything.

#HumanPoweredVehicles #Boats #Boating #Canoes #Kayaks
I may be wrong but, in the absence of a rudder, when one is paddling along at speed one could not brake steer in the way that you describe. So the force produced to propel the boat would have to be aligned as nearly exactly along the axis of the keel as possible, to minimise drag on it. How would that alignment be achieved?
You adjust the angle of the paddles to your preference. One interesting possibility is to have the two paddles at different angles, so you could steer using differential effects - you pedal harder with one foot than the other, which basically allows the paddles to do the job of a rudder.

But I'm more interested in a leisurely pace than trying to maximize speed. My main experience is with canoes - which have no rudder and less of a keel effect than the pictured outrigger. Brake steering works just fine at the speeds I'm used to.

My experience with waterwheel type pedalos is extremely disappointing. I'm just shocked how much effort you have to put into pedaling and the thing barely moves. It's a shockingly exhausting experience. But simply digging in with a canoe paddle works a lot better. My hope is to emulate the speed and efficiency of the canoes I'm familiar with, but using leg muscles instead of arm muscles.

So why did I go with an outrigger design rather than a canoe shape? Well, the canoes I'm familiar with aren't wide enough for a person sitting sideways. A cat or outrigger is a better fit for that sort of width.

Leaked documents show Brazil’s Bolsonaro has grave plans for Amazon rainforest | openDemocracy

#politics #environment #Brasil #Brazil
Je suis sûr que c'est Bolsonaro qui fait tout cramer, tout en disant que c'est les ONG. Ça fait très incendie du Reichstag des années 30 : "C'est les autres qui ont foutu le feu, flinguons-les !". C'est du déjà-vu, tout ça.
lol zebulon.

A Dead Cat, A Lawyer's Call And A 5-Figure Donation: How Media Fell Short On Epstein

Why did it take some of the nation's biggest news organizations so long to take seriously the accusations against the late Jeffrey Epstein? Allegations about his behavior go back more than a decade.

#news #npr #publicradio #usa
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WELCOME to the Thursday #Checkin for Aug 22

❤️ Greetings from GMT-7, one of the later time zones!

QUESTION: One of the things I love most about #checkin is the opportunity to see through the eyes of so many people throughout the world (and to learn from you). What catches your eye where you are today? (literally/figuratively) Feel free to use images, from today or another time, or text alone to convey what you see.

NOTE: it's unnecessary to reveal your location (unless you want to). Example - the image for this post is something I see almost every day. There's my dog Zachary (far left). Zoe (his sister), Sunny (puppy in training, whose nickname's Wee Beast) and depending on which neighbour is feeling unwell or away, we may be joined by one or two other woofers. Dogs love walks. What they love more - walking as a pack. :o)

What is #CheckIn?

It’s a longstanding daily tradition started by Lawrence (LD) Williams on g+. Peeps throughout the world check in to mingle. It’s what folks do around a water cooler, on a front porch or at a cafe-bar, but online. If pressed for time, wave (like) as you run/fly/swim by.

#Checkin is a daily post-thread where regulars and visitors alike come to chat with familiar friends or with friends they haven’t met yet, as the sun travels through all time zones.

Pluspora CheckIn was initially set up by Su Ann Lim with LD Williams’s help. Starting August 2019, Pluspora #CheckIn is now hosted by a round robin team:

* @Carsten Raddatz (劉愷恩) (Germany, GMT+2)
* @Cass M (Canada, GMT-6)
* @Nathan Weaver (USA, GMT-5)
* @Su Ann Lim (Canada, GMT-7)

How to get included in the daily #CheckIn invitation? Just jump in and comment/like.
How to get uninvited? Let us know via comment or direct message.

To continue to get notifications regardless of rotation, please follow all the current team members. If by any chance you do not see the day’s #CheckIn post in your notifications/stream, just search #CheckIn for the day's new post.

Thanks Dave Sutton for creating the 3D Pluspora Checkin GIF, and for the use of it. ❤️
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I can't see the wood for all those trees @Dan Weese.
Had a nice long walk in the woods behind my house this afternoon, very pleasant. I took some photos, however I can't post them here for some reason :(.

"You’d have thought the U.S. government would be moving fast to kick Chinese surveillance tech out of the country. But despite a legally mandated ban signed off on a year ago, the Trump administration hasn’t been able to clean networks of prohibited Chinese cameras keeping watch over U.S. government facilities."

"As of this month, all federal government bodies should have started on plans to remove tech from four manufacturers that are considered too closely linked to the Chinese government. They include telecoms giants Huawei and ZTE, as well as surveillance camera makers Dahua and Hikvision."

"But at least 2,000 devices from those latter two companies remain on U.S. government systems, according to data from government contractor Forescout. An additional 1,300 Huawei and 200 ZTE systems were also uncovered."

#cybersecurity #FAIL

Completely unsurprising.
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Given that she'll have even less input as to what shit dribbles out of Delusional J. Trump's oral-fice, this seems like a really ill-advised move.
Colour me not in the least surprised...

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Remind you of anyone?
Sounds like all of the "journalists" working for corporate media. #greenwashing
Reminds me almost every meeting at my previous job.

There's a lot that could be said here, but let me keep it short. Rick Loomis, one of the founders of Flying Buffalo Inc, needs a hand. Please take a look at his Go Fund Me page.


#RPG #FlyingBuffalo

I agree with this:

"This is probably what most encryption backdoors would wind up looking like if it became official policy. Most won't be coordinated with any government agency, they'll just some quick and dirty thing that gets jammed in with the hope that no one notices. If/when the Feds come knocking, the developers can just point to it and say there, use that."

I'd write a back door, but it'd have a bunch of bugs. Oh, well.
Also: #satire (almost)

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It's time to start to give back

We have now made the decision to relay all revenue from PinePhone sales to the development community and third-party Linux-on-phone projects.
PINE64, you're simply amazing.

#pinephone #foss #contributeBack
Its time to start giving back

Arschkriecher-Ballade - Hannes Wader

Album Ich hatte mir noch soviel vorgenommen

An einem trüben Tag, als er gerade vierzehn war –
Eben wuchs auf seiner Brust das erste blasse Haar –
Spielte er für sich im Wald, da rief sein Vater ihn herein
Brachte ihn zu seiner Mutter, ließ ihn dann mit ihr allein
Den Kopf mit Waldgeschichten vollgestopft bis an den Rand
Drei Federn noch im Schopf, Pfeil und Bogen in der Hand
Stand er da ganz nackt und seine knochige Gestalt
War von Kopf bis Fuß mit bunten Kriegszeichen bemalt
Seine Mutter strich um ihn herum und deutete dann
Mit dem Blick auf seinen rot-weiß-grün gestreiften Pillermann
Sagte: "Ach, mein Junge, wenn du schon so gerne malst und schmierst
Sorge ich dafür, dass du was Künstlerisches wirst!"

Kurze Zeit darauf fand sich ein Warenhaus bereit
Ihn als Schildermaler einzustellen, mit 'ner Probezeit
Er bestaunte, dass ihm tagelang der Mund weit offen stand
In dem großen Hause all' die neuen Dinge, die er fand!
Schöne Menschen gab es dort, mit Gesichtern, glatt und weich
Und er schaute in den Spiegel, lief schnell weg und fragte gleich
Einen unrasierten alten Mann mit eckigem Gesicht:
"Warum sind wir beide denn so hässlich und die Andern nicht?"
"Wenn's dein Wunsch ist", sprach der Mann, "so wie die Anderen zu sein
Halte dich an deinen Chef – kriech ihm einfach hinten rein!
Das übst du fleißig, bis sich dein Profil schön sanft und glatt
An der Darmwand deines Vorgesetzten abgeschliffen hat!"

Und schon wandte sich der Junge an den sauberen Verein
Mit dem heißen Wunsch, bald auch so'n schöner Arschkriecher zu sein!
Doch da zeigten sich die Menschen sehr verwundert und empört –
Taten so, als hätten sie dieses Wort noch nie gehört!
Sie packten ihn am Arm, führten ihn in einen Raum
Da hing ein hoher Vorgesetzter, höher als ein Baum
Von der Zimmerdecke, festgeschnallt auf einem Stützkorsett
Dessen nackter Hintern pendelte schön glänzend, bleich und fett
Wie ein praller Gasballon, nur zigtausend mal so schwer
Als die Tür aufging, kaum wahrnehmbar, im Luftzug hin und her!
Der Junge spürte, als das dicke Ding da vor ihm schwang
Eine sanfte Hand im Nacken, die ihn in die Knie zwang!

Und da fand er sie, die Öffnung, ganz tief unter, gar nicht groß
Und er jauchzte laut vor Freude und sofort ließ man ihn los
Er atmete tief ein, bohrte dann mit aller Macht
Seinen dürren Knabenkörper in den engen, dunklen Schacht!
Doch im nächsten Augenblick ein heißer Druck, ein Donnerschlag
Und als er drauf halb betäubt in einer Ecke lag
Einen Mann vor Schmerz laut brüllen hörte, war ihm endlich klar
Dass er als Afterkriecher völlig ungeeignet war!
Er befühlte sein Gesicht, es war noch alles wie vorher
Nur mit der scharfen Krümmung seiner Nase hatte er
Dem Vorgesetzten nicht allein den Schließmuskel geritzt
Sondern ihm auch noch der Länge nach den Mastdarm aufegschlitzt!

Voller Angst sah er jetzt, wie die schönen Menschen um ihn her
Hässlich wurden und ihn schlugen, und schon spürte er nichts mehr!
Als er dann erwachte sah er jenen alten Mann
Mit dem eckigen Gesicht – er kroch hin und schrie ihn an:
"Ich hab' die Menschen jetzt, wie sie wirklich sind, geseh'n
Und ich krieche auch nie wieder, davon wird man gar nicht schön!
Ich will wissen, alter Mann, was ist mit den Leuten los –
Wenn sie schon nicht hübscher werden, warum kriechen sie denn bloß?"
"Schwer zu sagen", sprach der Mann, "manch einer kriecht ja auch nicht gern
Und er meint, er muss es tun, um die Familie zu ernähr'n
Dem Andern macht es Spass, er schafft sich Frau und Kinder an
Als Vorwand, nur damit er besser arschkriechen kann!"
...Avec mes yeux tout délavés

Qui me donnent l’air de rêver

Moi, qui ne rêve plus souvent...


AP-NORC poll: 62% disapprove of how Trump's handling his job

It's heartening that the percentage is going up, but depressing that it's not much closer to 100%.

AP-NORC poll: 62% disapprove of how Trump's handling his job

It's heartening that the percentage is going up, but depressing that it's not much closer to 100%.

Hex Describe, Face Generator, Text Mapper, and more
This thread is for people who want to talk to me about these applications. They allow people to generate a mini-setting including a map, a key, and NPCs, with but one click, powered by the greatest collection of random tables I know. 😅
I keep creating these threads whenever the previous thread reaches about 100 comments because it starts being unwieldy.
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What sort of legend would you want, the standard stuff, doors, etc?
ged diaspora
@ktrey Here's a slightly shortened list. I mainly removed anachronisms.

1,4-week-old roses
1,a bakery
1,a bonfire of books
1,a drained pond
1,a fisherman’s tackle
1,a gelatinous cube
1,a miner’s birdcage
1,a pat of butter
1,a sharp rusty anchor
1,a summer campfire
1,a thunderstorm
1,a wet cat
1,a wet dog
1,a wet toad
1,angry sweat
1,anise or fennel
1,apple cider vinegar
1,baker’s yeast
1,beach flotsam
1,beef broth
1,bloody nose
1,brackish tidal pool
1,broken basil stems
1,browning lilies
1,burning pinecones
1,burnt water
1,cedar shavings
1,charred hair
1,chicken coop
1,chicken grilling
1,chocolate pudding
1,clam juice
1,cloying citronella
1,corn on fire
1,corrosive coriander
1,crisp, salty sea air
1,crushed butterflies
1,crushed mulberries
1,curried yams
1,cut green onions
1,damp plaster
1,damp straw
1,day-old manure
1,dead jellyfish
1,dead skunk
1,decaying apricots
1,decaying leaves
1,dried oregano
1,dusty broom bristles
1,eye-watering onions
1,fermenting milk
1,forgotten tubers
1,freshly cut cucumbers
1,freshly mown clover
1,general feculence
1,gooey cooked carrots
1,green, mealy apples
1,grilled kabobs
1,grinding nutmeg
1,ground cardamom
1,ground ginger root
1,guilty sweat
1,hibiscus breeze
1,honey and gingerbread
1,honeysuckle bloom
1,hot cinnamon
1,jasmine and begonias
1,juniper berries
1,kelp-draped driftwood
1,lamp oil
1,leather tanning
1,lemon pepper
1,limburger cheese
1,limp celery
1,moldy citrus
1,moldy loaf of bread
1,musky urine
1,musty chest
1,new leather
1,oil and earth
1,old dried fish
1,old fireplace
1,old shoes
1,olive juice
1,onions grilling
1,orange marmalade
1,oven-roasted garlic
1,over-baked cauliflower
1,pecan meats
1,pickle juice
1,pine bark
1,pipe smoke
1,plum wine
1,putrid fish
1,quarry puddles
1,quenched pig iron
1,rain in the air
1,rain-soaked wool
1,rancid buttermilk
1,rancid vegetable oil
1,raw meat
1,red-bell peppers
1,rendering tallow
1,reverent censers
1,saffron and sage
1,salmon croquets
1,seaweed in the sun
1,sharp, sulfurous rotten eggs
1,shriveled, fuzzy berries
1,sizzling pork
1,slicing mushrooms
1,slimy cabbage
1,smoke on clothes
1,smoked meats
1,smoldering pitch
1,snow on the wind
1,sour goat milk
1,spider webs
1,stale cumin
1,stale peppercorns
1,stale, spilt beer
1,swamp mud
1,sweaty old mushrooms
1,swine in slop
1,turmeric and teak
1,vinegary wine
1,violets in snow
1,walnut meats
1,watermelon rinds
1,weeding a garden
1,wet ink
1,wet paint
1,wilting grape leaves

#balade #nature #insecte
#photo #mywork
Punaise ou Heteroptera > Acanthosomatidae > Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale

Did A Hong Kong Tycoon Hide A Protest Message In His Innocuous Newspaper Ads?

The ads by Li Ka-shing, a billionaire known as Hong Kong's richest man, seem to express bland sentiment. But at least one scholar says they secretly sound a note of support for the protest movement.

#news #npr #publicradio #usa
posted by pod_feeder_v2

"Amazon, Microsoft and Intel are among leading tech companies putting the world at risk through killer robot development, according to a report that surveyed major players from the sector about their stance on lethal autonomous weapons."

"Dutch NGO Pax ranked 50 companies by three criteria: whether they were developing technology that could be relevant to deadly AI, whether they were working on related military projects, and if they had committed to abstaining from contributing in the future."

"'Why are companies like Microsoft and Amazon not denying that they're currently developing these highly controversial weapons, which could decide to kill people without direct human involvement?' said Frank Slijper, lead author of the report published this week."

"The use of AI to allow weapon systems to autonomously select and attack targets has sparked ethical debates in recent years, with critics warning they would jeopardize international security and herald a third revolution in warfare after gunpowder and the atomic bomb."

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I'm a bit confused. Googling things and drilling down to source studies and/or contacting involved/experienced individuals is how you research various things in the internet age, no? Back in the bad old days we used card catalogs, magazine indexes and someone else's phone for long distance calls.

Farhad diaspora

There was worldwide outcry when the Notre Dame cathedral was on fire. Why is there not the same level of outrage for the fires destroying the #AmazonRainforest?

#environment #globalwarming #climatechange #Brazil #forestfire #AmazonFires

Twitter: WWF UK on Twitter (WWF UK)

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They have no means to stop wild fire.
They only can invest in war.
And the government is blaming the media to make it a global issue.

We are fucked. With these idiots ruling the world while we goijg fast forward toward a catastrophe.


Incredible #Hulk Last Call #1 (2019) #DaleKeown Wal-Mart Variant Cover Cover & Pencils, #PeterDavid Story HULK LEGENDS, PETER DAVID & DALE KEOWN REUNITE! In his twelve-year stint on THE INCREDIBLE HULK, Peter David redefined the Green Goliath for generations of fans and creators. Artist Dale Keown drew some of that run’s most beloved and influential issues. Now the pair return to their incredible collaboration for a special oversized one-shot issue! Bruce Banner is tired of being the Hulk. Heck, he’s tired of being. But just when he’s about to lose all hope, a miracle occurs: a fight worthy of the Incredible Hulk. BUY NOW


Mr & Mrs X #1 (2018) 2nd Printing Variant #OscarBazaldua Cover (RARE) & Oscar Bazaldua Pencils, #KellyThompson Story "Love & Marriage", part 1 Straight from the pages of X-MEN GOLD...to the surprise of everyone, the Marvel Universe's hottest couple has finally tied the knot! In their extraordinary lives, they've faced nearly every challenge imaginable, but how will they fare against former flames making trouble? An entire galaxy in jeopardy?! BUY NOW

#balade #nature #insecte
#photo #mywork
Punaise ou Heteroptera > Acanthosomatidae > Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale

#balade #nature #champignon
#Photo #mywork
Langue de boeuf ou Fistuline hépatique

Leaked documents show Brazil’s Bolsonaro has grave plans for Amazon rainforest | openDemocracy

#politics #environment #Brasil #Brazil

Guten Morgen D*

Source Photo:
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Apple Readies Camera-Focused Pro iPhones, New iPads, Larger MacBook Pro | Bloomberg

Apple Inc. is readying a clutch of new hardware for the coming weeks and months, including “Pro” iPhones, upgrades to iPads and its largest laptop in years.
#technology #Apple #iPhone #iPad #MacBook

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Maceo Parker plays Marvin Gaye "Let's Get It On"

#music #soul #live

Mujeres Libres.
Rotulador sobre papel
#marker on #paper #drawing #women #FreeWomen
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