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Frou Frou - Live KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic 09/27/02 | YouTube

I've shared a few Imogen Heap songs in the past. She's one of my favourite musical geniuses. But did you know what she used to do before she was just 'Imogen Heap'? Well, she was one half of Frou Frou - a band she formed with Guy Sigsworth. The 36'37" video linked to below is a live session they did in 2002. If you're also an Immi fan, you might recognise the spark of some of her later genius. If not, you might just enjoy it anyway.

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no sir karl popper? to complicate?

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Farewell to the loser

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It was in the 90s when I toured White Sands and I gotta tell ya--it looked the same as it did in the 70s, I was told. Well, if you worked HVAC around large computational areas then I'm sure you were required to do a special set-up compared to ordinary residential/industrial. Those areas have to be set up like high-particle cleanrooms (class 1000 or so). Air flow is somewhat laminar.
We once worked replacing large ducting in a Raytheon bunker. We had to stretch netting underneath us in case of mishaps while working over $10,000,000 computer equipment. We were notified by MPs that were outside the bunker listening to radio of the Challenger disaster while on that job.

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static electricity???
Doors & hinges

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M78 Wide Field


Image Credit & Copyright: Wes Higgins

Explanation: Interstellar dust clouds and glowing nebulae abound in the fertile constellation of Orion. One of the brightest, M78, is centered in this colorful, wide field view, covering an area north of Orion's belt. At a distance of about 1,500 light-years, the bluish reflection nebula is around 5 light-years across. Its tint is due to dust preferentially reflecting the blue light of hot, young stars. Reflection nebula NGC 2071 is just to the left of M78. Flecks of emission from Herbig-Haro objects, energetic jets from stars in the process of formation, stand out against the dark dust lanes. The exposure also brings out the region's fainter, pervasive reddish glow of atomic hydrogen gas.

Tomorrow's picture: in the round

Why is it we’re so often blinded to our own selves?
Does anyone know the source of this?

'His work is a testament': the ever-relevant photography of Gordon Parks | Photography | The Guardian

The groundbreaking work of the acclaimed photographer is being celebrated at a new two-part exhibition showcasing black American life
#photography #PhotoExhibition #GordonParks
beautiful <3<3<3

September Light

Two in the afternoon at the edge of the woods.

Copyright © Garry Knight | #photography #mywork #myphoto
My Flickr account: https://flic.kr/p/2j5qL9V
You can use most of my photos for free under the Creative Commons Attribution licence
Click here to view at different sizes

Flickr: Panicky in the UK (garryknight)

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Could've sworn I heard a rustle in your hedgerow.
@Silvia Aldovini Thanks!

@Peter Lindelauf Don't be alarmed now!

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Reading and studying gain more knowledge, not IQ points.

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Cats and books and having friends over for board game night. 🙂
The daughters wanted a cat. In lockdown we finally said yes. Coco came. And she is a real sunshine for all of us. I Learned that.

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"No doubt our 46th president will represent a distinct improvement over our 45th. But it does not fall within his capability to expiate the sins besetting our nation. To my knowledge, no one has improved on Martin Luther King’s description of those sins: the “giant triplets” of racism, materialism, and militarism."
Andrew J. Bacevich
via the lovely @tomgrz

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Vu en live. Ca m'a calmé 😁
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Vu en live en 1989 à Brest. Inoubliable !

yes that is what we have....oy

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999 ✨ Satellite Updates 2021-01-21

✵ Featured Media - Small Sun Structures


Galactic Core Warnings - None


Space Weather Warnings - None


Significant Earthquake Summaries - None


Volcanic Report Weekly - 19 Active Volcanoes


Tsunami Warnings - None


CAN, USA & North MEX Tornado Watches & Warnings - None

CAN & North USA Lightning Watches & Warnings - None

EUR & ISR Lightning Watches & Warnings - None


CAN Very High Wildfire Danger Warnings - None


Cyclone Warnings - Indian & Pacific Oceans


CAN Weather Warnings - Nova Scotia, NL, Quebec, BC & Ontario


EUR & ISR Dangerous Weather Warnings - Italy, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Slovenia, Croatia, France, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina


AUS Weather Warnings - Northern Territory, Western Australia, Offshore Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland, NSW & ACT


999 ✨


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Brunt Breaking Up with Antarctica this Year?


A crack on the Antarctic ice shelf grew dramatically in late 2020 into 2021.

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Another Dusty Day in Chad


Winds frequently whip up the dust from Chad’s lowest point, but those particles may not fertilize the Amazon as much as scientists once thought.

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The Magnetic Field of the Whirlpool Galaxy


Image Credit: NASA, SOFIA, HAWC+, Alejandro S. Borlaff; JPL-Caltech, ESA, Hubble; Text: Jayanne English (U. Manitoba)

Explanation: Do magnetic fields always flow along spiral arms? Our face-on view of the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) allows a spectacularly clear view of the spiral wave pattern in a disk-shaped galaxy. When observed with a radio telescope, the magnetic field appears to trace the arms' curvature. However, with NASA’s flying Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) observatory, the magnetic field at the outer edge of M51's disk appears to weave across the arms instead. Magnetic fields are inferred by grains of dust aligning in one direction and acting like polaroid glasses on infrared light. In the featured image, the field orientations determined from this polarized light are algorithmically connected, creating streamlines. Possibly the gravitational tug of the companion galaxy, at the top of the frame, on the dusty gas of the reddish star-forming regions, visible in the Hubble Space Telescope image, enhances turbulence -- stirring the dust and lines to produce the unexpected field pattern of the outer arms.

Tomorrow's picture: open space


UK ministers gain power to allow lower-standard food imports

Ministers will be able to approve the import of animal and agricultural products of a lower standard than currently permitted in the UK, after attempts to amend the trade bill failed.

Boris Johnson and his Tory government has repeatedly vowed not to allow the import of chlorinated chicken and hormone-treated beef, but has refused to sign those pledges into law.


#ToryLies #NeverTrustATory #BorisTheLiar #UnitedKingdom #TheQuietCoup #ToryCorruption #CorruptToriesOut #FoodStandards #DirtyFood #DemocracyLost #CorruptBoris
I still do not quite understand why Nigel Farrage hasn't been scourged off the Dover Cliffs into the sea.
debo diaspora
Farage still has some fans, oddly enough.

'Huge leap' in understanding of eczema could lead to revolutionary new treatments for inflammatory conditions

The findings could open avenues for treatments for other illnesses, such as rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease
#science #medicine #health #eczema


Jede Seele muss gesunden,
wenn sie reine Schönheit trinkt.
Sag', hast du das nie empfunden
abends, wenn die Sonne sinkt?

Kannst du etwas Schöneres denken
als des Sonnentags Verglüh'n,
wenn sich Rosenschleier senken
segnend auf der Menschheit Müh'n?

Sahst du nie auf seiner Reise
das verlorene Wolkenboot?
Jeden Abend schwimmt es leise
durch das letzte Sonnenrot.

Sieh', das Boot trägt unsre Tränen,
jeden unerfüllten Traum,
jedes Leid und jedes Sehnen
durch der Schönheit lichten Raum.

Durch des Abends heil'ge Gluten
fährt es hin am Firmament,
bis es in den Sonnenfluten
still mit seiner Last verbrennt.

Carl Wolff
Aus der Sammlung Auf stillen Wegen

No Mask, No Fly: Biden Signs Order Requiring Face Coverings On Planes

The executive order signed by President Biden Thursday also includes interstate travel on trains, buses and cruise ships, in a sharp reversal of the Trump administration's lax mask culture.

#news #npr #publicradio #usa
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The best diversions of Bernie Sanders' photo in mittens (30 pics).

#humour #Bernie
Les meilleurs détournements de la photo de Bernie Sanders en moufles (30 images)
Never again will I sit outside with my mittens ;)

South Korean Ex-Coach Sentenced To 10 Years Over Sexual Assault Of Olympic Champion

Shim Suk-hee, a star short track speedskater who has won four Olympic medals, accused Cho Jae-beom of sexually abusing her dozens of times.

#news #npr #publicradio #usa
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Plan: Dr. Faustin van Frank, Den Haag
Maybe finally, REALY 💰PAID(!) by Nederland, or not yet?👍


This is typical GERMAN 2021 today, in the absurd colony, the Bundesrepublik of Arabia.

The arabic 🐕💉☠DOG system. Arabic DOGtatorSHEEP, Ausch 😇🤡WITZ system, holy parasites system in Germany 2021, mass poisoning system...
In the absurd colony of Arabia Germany 2021.

Arabic, holy parasites system, like in the U.S.A.

🐫 Kamala GOTT im Himmel mit uns.




DOG. This is the arabic system in Germany 2021. That's realy true, This is the arabic, the FAKE Deutsch 2021 now.

The arabic trick.

Simply... arabic... absurd...
🐑 🐕🔔💉☠🐍🐷🔪😇🤡🐫
💀The REAL Germas amen. Sytematicly roobed.
This is in the REALITY legal in Germany 2021. Also in the U.S.A. 2021.
Only in the THEORY, at the paper forbiden. The ERROR.









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Goes for most other democratic countries as well.
Loïc ϟ diaspora
Democracy at its best ! Terrific…

"What new devilry...?"

Rogue antibodies could be driving severe COVID-19


Evidence is beginning to emerge that some of the systemic organ damage in severe cases of Covid-19 may be caused by the virus inducing the body to create auto-antibodies against its own tissues. What ELSE does this damn virus have in store?

#health #coronavirus
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I think that's referring to cytokine storms. In essence, the immune system goes berserk in desperation and starts wrecking everything.

Time for a little #humor.

In Taiji is a saying "seek the straight in the curved" .
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